secrets of dreams

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December 3, 2022 France, Charente-Maritime 7


As for the vision that we see and be puzzled or rejoiced in, it is what we must turn to a source of weight in the interpretation of dreams to learn about what it symbolizes and what it indicates in terms of indications. It may be a light for us of what we must do in the future, and of course it is not future predictions as much as it expresses There is no true interpretation of what a person saw in his dream, as he may be taking the wrong path and he thinks that it is the most appropriate way, so he finds himself forced to adjust his course.

This confirms the sayings that were said by the tongues of the wise and former scholars, and our honorable Messenger also spoke about the meaning of his speech that the dream is divided into three parts, some of them are what your soul speaks to you during the day, and you find it in your sleep, and among them is what your devil tells you in order to disturb your life, and this must repel you. And do not let it affect you as mentioned

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