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There are six ocular muscles that control how we move our eyes. Our eyes can rotate by using two muscles to move the eye up and down, two to the left and right, and two more. Our eyes can maintain a single point of focus when eye muscles are functioning normally. However, the eyes do not move in unison when ocular muscle function is compromised. This is referred to as strabismus or squint. The squint (Misalignment) may be horizontal, divergent (outwards), or convergent (inwards) (Up or Down). Squinting can occasionally be brought on by brain problems. Squinting impairs binocular vision as well, making it challenging for a person to understand the stereopsis, or depth or distance, of an object. Squint preventionEarly detection and diagnosis are essential. The child's eyes must be checked between the ages of three months and three years. If glasses are required, they should be prescribed as soon as possible. Before the age of three months, an infant with a family history of amblyopia should have their eyesight examined. The retina, the corneal light reflex, and vision should all be tested in order to diagnose squint eye. Treatment of the squint eyeSquint issues like lazy or amblyopic eyes can be avoided if it is correctly recognized and treated. Treatment for squints is necessary since they can harm a person's career and confidence. Depending on the severity of the squint, the patient, and the type of squint, many treatment methods for strabismus are taken into consideration. Treatment options for squints Treatment or a squint usually involves some or all of the following:• Treatment for lazy eyes ( amblyopia)• Use corrective lenses to address refractive problems in one or both eyes.Squint in children must be treated properly.Vision, the need for glasses (if you have refractive error), and a thorough eye exam are all required. Up until adulthood, the strength of the glasses and the level of squinting will be measured. With eyeglasses, any squint that still exists must be surgically fixed. Treatment for the lazy eye includes patching or occluding the healthy eye, as well as Orthoptek exercises, a recent discovery in Macula stimulation (the best-seeing part of the eye). While the patch is on, this will assist eyes with impaired vision in focusing on visual tasks like reading and color recognition.When all other forms of conservative therapy fail to successfully correct squint, surgery is necessary.Squint surgery has a very high success rate in skilled hands. A thorough visual and physical examination will be performed on the patient before the surgery to repair the eye muscle. Also, the doctor will test the muscles around the eyes to see which ones are stronger or weaker. A cut is made in the conjunctiva, a membrane that covers the white part of the eye, to treat various types of squint. Depending on the type of squint, the doctor will first gain access to the eye muscles and then either extend or shorten them for realignment. 90 minutes pass during squint surgery.

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