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Do you suffer from “Shiny Object Syndrome” in your online business?

You know, that insidious little itch that causes you to jump from niche to niche, and

course to course, almost without realizing it?

Whether your answer is, “YES” or “NO”...

...the scary truth is, SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME’S 100% REAL (that’s the bad news).


All people, in one way or another, have SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME, and are always

looking to buy new products to SCRATCH their money-spending ITCH.

And, if YOU can figure out how to be the person who’s “scratching that itch”... (with

YOUR products) can mean an online business that is absolutely CRUSHING IT.

If turning “shiny object syndrome” into “FAT bank account syndrome” sounds like

something you’d be interested in, I want to introduce you to my friend,

Peter Pru.

In case you don’t know Peter, he’s the founder of Ecommerce Empire Builders, and he

teaches online entrepreneurs how to build day-job-destroying life changing online


Because I know for a FACT what Peter teaches can help you to build a profitable online

business, I’ve asked Pete to open up a limited number of spots for his NEW

Masterclass called:

The Simple 5-Page Ecommerce Funnel That I Used To

Create A Full-Time Income Online!

(Go to register and secure your seat, he’s ONLY giving 2 free classes, and

once seats are filled you’ll be permanently locked out)

During this value-pack class, Peter will be sharing the simple steps he’s used to do over

$2.3 million in online sales...

AND... the exact process he’s taught to hundreds of students who have built 4,5,6 (and

one soon to be) 7-figure eCommerce stores of their own:

Here’s a “sneak peak” at just SOME of the million dollar eCommerce wisdom you’ll

learn when you sign up by.

-How to GUARANTEE you’ll pick a highly profitable niche, quickly find the

PERFECT product, easily command (and get paid) the highest prices in your

market, all while making your competition “invisible” to potential customers...

AND, how to do it even in the most oversaturated, hyper competitive niches!

- Why traditional eCommerce methods actually cause you to LOSE MONEY every time

you make a sale, and the “golden arches” secret you can use to increase profits by

42,932% (NOTE: 42,932% is NOT a typo or exaggeration. Don’t believe me? Sign up

for the Masterclass and Pete will prove it!)

- The “white hat” traffic method which produces seemingly “black hat” results.

This 100% legal and “won’t get you banned” strategy, makes blowing hundreds

or thousands of dollars “testing” new products, ads and websites just to see if

they’ll “work”, a thing of the past!

- How Peter’s student John started earning an extra $3,435.60 EVERY SINGLE

MONTH by leveraging the same strategy NETFLIX and Dollar Shave Club used to

become BILLION dollar brands.

...and much, MUCH more.

Again, seating and availability are limited since Pete’s only offering 2 class times for this

“Harvard Education” in eCommerce... so sign up NOW or risk missing out for good!

One last thing:

In case learning how to easily get paid the highest prices in your market, increase

profits by 42,932%, and increase your paycheck by $3,435.60 EVERY SINGLE MONTH

isn’t enough...

...just for attending the Masterclass you’ll also be able to download (for FREE) the same

5-page eCommerce store template that Pete’s student Austin E. used to earn $100,000

in a single month!


If a proven 6 figure eCommerce store template and the million dollar Peter will be giving

away for free, aren’t enough to make you sign up now, then this once in a lifetime

opportunity is definitely not for you.




If you realize this is a no brainer opportunity to experience massive growth in your

online business then sign up now before seats fill up and this class is no longer


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