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Relationship problems

Financial problems

Capturing evil spirits and demons

Bad luck and bad spells

Fortune telling and palm reading

Recovering lost property

Winning or ceasing court cases

Addiction problems

Sexual problems in men

Counteracting witchcraft

Directing birth and death rituals

Speaking to your beloved ancestors

Marriage and divorce issues

Women who can’t have birth

Bring back a lost lover

Attract new love


Increase passion between lovers

Or even to cause one person to fall in love with another.

It is important to note that love spells can be pursued through either Black Magic or White Magic. We highly recommend the White Magic approach, as we firmly believe that positive sentiment trumps negativity every time. Remember: what you send out may come back to you, so consider this choice very carefully!


Casting a love spell can be an empowering way to bring about the love you want and need in your life. Contrary to what Hollywood might have you believe, love spells have nothing to do with manipulation or control of others. These spells help draw energies together—but only if both spirits are willing. And the duality inherent within the nature of magic means you can even use some love spells to help you break free from unhealthy relationships.



Looking for a financial break through,you need to boost your financial status or you need to protect your financial abilities.You received your lamp sum but its reducing day by day instead of  increasing ,you need protection of your wealth or riches ASAP.




Some unusual healing sessions.


Nadias parents each held one of her arms and helped her to walk into my office. I got a fright as all you could see were the whites of her eyes, her actual eyes were not there, she could not see. Nadia was about 34 and had four small children. She had only lost her eyesight recently. They asked me; would she ever be able to see again; it was a big question. First I doubted myself, then I concentrated and checked with the pendulum, “yes, within 6 months and she will have her own business” They asked if I could heal her.I gave her two crystals to place on her eyes when she slept and some prayers or amulets as they are also called or ayats, in Arabic, as she is muslim so it felt right. 6 months later she was healed and started her own hair salon.



When I was in Kenya a woman came who worked for the United Nations. I took out the cards, “No, I don’t want cards, I want you to do healing on my legs as I can hardly walk, it is so painful” What to do, I couldn't refuse, she believed I could heal her so we were halfway there already. I asked for a bed. My hosts bought in a camping bed and a blanket. She lay down. I prayed and held my hands over her legs, sending her healing energy. After about an hour she got up and said the pain was gone. She later on sent me a book she had written when I was back in Cape Town.


Sean was a western province surfer. One day he came over and asked for healing for his sinus which was causing him huge headaches. I'm an intuitive healer so I just followed my intuition. I told him to go and lie down on the bed in the room next door. I did some energy work based on the Islamic ancient healing methods; the prophetic medical sciences. Afterwards I asked him how he was feeling and he said he felt better. “An amazing thing happened” he said. “I was given a ring by an ex-girlfriend, but it wouldn't come off my finger after we broke up, even when I was surfing it stayed on. When I was lying down the ring suddenly jumped off my finger and landed on the floor, and then I felt better.” No one was more amazed than I was. 

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